Create a new default Membership Type.

Note: you must have one member with the new Membership Type applied to their member profile for the Membership type to remain available in other areas of the data base.

MiClub Integration: For clients with integration to their MiClub website, the new Membership Types will automatically update on the website and can be found in the directory Membership>Membership Categories. These new memberships require an alternate code  for POS integration and are to be enabled. Once enabled, apply these new Membership Types to your booking rules to allow members to book on the timesheets.

Quick Process

  • Search for member
  • Select Membership tab
  • Type in name of new Membership Type in the Membership Type field

  • Select Config from main menu
  • Select new Membership Type from drop down menu and enter fees and any charges that apply
    • If the new Membership Type does to appear in drop menu, exit XClub then login again

  • Return to member's Membership tab
  • Select Refresh Default Charges icon
    • Create an invoice if required