Create New Membership Type

Modified on Thu, 05 Sep 2019 at 08:37 AM

Create a new default Membership Type.

Note: you must have one member with the new Membership Type applied to their member profile for the Membership type to remain available in all areas of the database.

Important note for clients with MiClub golf and SwiftPOS Integration: 

When adding or changing the names of membership types (categories) there are a number of processes that need to be actioned, as follows;

1. Advise MiClub you are making changes and request to temporarily disable integration
2. Create a new membership classification in SwiftPOS or change the name of the classification/s in SwiftPOS
3. Create the new membership type in MiMembership or change the name of the Membership type in MiMembership
4. Update the timesheet booking rules in MiClub so the members in the new/changed categories can book golf
5. Advise MiClub of the changes and we will map the new/changed memberships in MiClub golf and disable the old memberships

The new/changed Membership Types will automatically update on the website and can be found in the directory Membership>Membership Categories. 

Quick Process

  • Search for member
  • Select Membership tab
  • Type in description/name of the new Membership Type in the Membership Type field

  • Select Config from main menu
  • Select Membership Type
  • From the drop menus select the new Membership Type, enter fees and apply any other applicable default charges
    • If the new Membership Type does to appear in the Membership Type drop menu, exit the software and login again

  • Return to the member's Membership tab
  • Select Refresh Default Charges icon
  • Select Defaults to replace any existing membership charges with the new Membership Type default charges

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