Clearing member account balances to zero - process to be run in XPOS


  • Build a Search of members with an account balance i.e. More than 0.01
  • To identify the members with account balances to be cleared, create a new Mail Type i.e. Expire Acc 2018
  • Apply the new Mail Type to your search using the Global Change feature
    • To exclude a member from the account clearing process, change their Mail Type back to none


  • Print list of current account balances (Reports >  Customer > Customer Balances)
  • Select report Date and Balance
  • Select Print Preview
    • Print or export the report


  • Clear account balances (Customers > Print Letters)
  • Select NO to use the current customer listing
  • Select your Mail Type from the drop menu in the Customer Search window
  • Select Search
  • Enter details in the Letter window as indicated in the image below
  • Select Print/Preview
    • Export the and save the files as PDF to maintain a record of the accounts cleared
  • Close the Print Preview
  • Select YES, the letters have printed successfully
  • Select OK, the account balances cleared successfully

Customer Search window:

Letter Window: