This monthly billing process provides an example of how to create annual invoices each month based on the members joining month or expiry and renewal dates.


  • Update any Charge Type default $amounts (Config > Charge Types)

  • Update Membership Type default $amounts and set billing period to monthly for required Membership Types (Config > Membership Types)

  • Build and save a search for members due to be billed (Members > Search)
    • This example search is to find members to invoice that are not resigned and have a renewal date within the month of January

  • From the members List View screen select all members
  • Select Change (icon located bottom of screen)
  • Select Default charges from the drop menu
  • Select OK

  • Select Replace All - this will remove any current default charges applied to the members profiles including ad-hoc charges (i.e locker fees) and add the new charges for each members Membership Type (as updated in Step 2)

  • Select OK to updated the member charges

  • From the members List View screen select all members
  • Select the Invoices+ icon (located bottom of screen)
  • Select Yes to create invoices for the members in the list

  • Select Defaults to invoice members based on their individual charges

  • Enter invoice dates, any notes and check payment plan box to ensure payment plans are created, as required
  • Select Create

Invoices will now create for all members in the List View and can be printed or emailed to members, as required: How to email an invoice