This process is only available to clients using XClub Version 1.0.28 or earlier. 

Create a custom payment plan and apply to a member's invoice and account settings.

Step-by-Step Process

Create a Customer Payment Plan

  • Select Config from the main menu
  • Select Custom Payment Plan
  • Enter a description for your new payment plan i.e Quarterly

  • Select Customer PP Dates
  • From the drop down menu, select the Payment Plan Name i.e. Quarterly

  • Click in the date field, a calendar will appear
  • Select the date for the first instalment of the Payment Plan, then the tick button
  • Repeat until you have all dates for your Custom Payment Plan set

Update the member's default payment details and apply the Payment Plan to an existing invoice

  • Search for the member
  • Select the member's Membership tab (top of screen)
  • Set the member's Payment Method i.e. EFT

  • Set the member's Payment Plan to the Custom Payment Plan i.e. Quarterly
  • Set the member's Payment Plan Type to Start - End
    • You will notice a green/white cross button will appear next the the Payment Plan

  • Click the Add Payment Plan button

  • A screen will appear that lists any invoices you have already created for this member
  • Select the invoice you wish to apply the payment plan to

  • To view the payment plan schedule, select the member's Account tab (XClub - Invoice tab)
  • Select the invoice you applied the payment plan to
  • The payment plan will appear to the right of the member's account screen