Linked accounts enables you to apply membership fees for multiple members on the one invoice i.e. husband and wife or a family

*Membership default charges are required to be applied to both the members membership profiles before linking the accounts

Step-by-Step Process

  • Search for the member who will be the 'parent' (the member to receive the invoice)
  • Select their Membership tab
  • Select the Linked Account icon (located bottom right of screen)
  • Search for the member/s who will be the 'child' (the member/s not to receive an invoice)
    • You can link multiple members to a parent account

  • Select the Account tab (XClub - Invoice tab)
  • Select Create Invoice icon 
  • Set invoice dates 
    • Tick the Create Payment Plan check box if a payment plan is required
    • The invoice displays the default charges for each of the linked members, as well as the 'parent'
  • Select Create