Any type of reminder can be flagged in XClub. 

In this example we have a member with a medical certificate stating they cannot play golf for two months. We will place the member on a leave of absence and set a reminder.

Quick Steps

  • Select Config from main menu
  • Select Notes Type
  • Type Description of Note i.e. Medical
  • Select Members from main menu
  • Search for member
  • Select Notes tab (XClub - Account Information tab)
  • Select Add note icon (green plus sign)
    • Select Notes Type from the drop down menu
    • Enter a Note Description
    • Set the reminder date
  • Select OK
  • To view reminders;
    • Open Search window
    • Select Save Search tab
    • Select Reminders
    • Reminders are listed in date order
    • Double click reminder row to work with member details