Quick Process

  • Select the Create New Member icon (located bottom of the Members List View screen)
    • This will direct you to the new member's Details view
  • Enter the personal details and other information about the new member
    • The member number and MiClub username fields will auto populate
    • For integration purposes it is important you remember to tick the Active check box, select the gender and enter the new member's date of birth
    • Note: as soon as you click away from the new member Details screen the new member profile will save in the database and will be available to search and make changes

  • Select the Membership tab (located top of screen)
    • Enter the Membership Type, Date of Joining, Membership Renewal and Expiry Dates, Billing Period and other relevant information
    • Select the Refresh Charges icon to populate the new member's default charges
    • Add any additional default charges i.e. locker fee, by selecting the Add Charges icon and select from the Charges drop menu
  • If applicable, create an invoice for the new member Click here for: How to create an invoice

Note: For clubs that have website integration enabled the new member profile will be available in the online Members Directory after the next scheduled instance of the integration service has completed