This solution will show you how to run a report for potential Membership Type upgrades by age and then and globally change.

Step-by-Step Process

  • Setup a Print List for Age Analysis. An example you could use is below  (Cust ID, Membership Type, Name, Age, Date of Birth)

  • Build a Search list for the
    • Membership Type in question ie. Junior U18
    • Add the DOB ‘is before’ enter the date that would make them 18 or over as at the date they would be required to change category

  • Highlight all Members in List View (click in top left corner)

  • Select Print from the Main Menu
  • Select your previously created Print List ie. Age Analysis
  • OK

This will provide you with a report to review the potential changes required

To Global Change their Membership Type

  • Return to Members Main Menu
  • Your list should still appear
  • Highlight all Members you wish to change Membership Type
  • Select Change (bottom of your screen)
  • Select Member Type from the drop down menu
  • From -  Select their current Membership Type ie. Junior U18
  • To – Select their Membership Type you wish to change them to ie. Senior
  • OK

  • Yes - to update the Member Type for the selected records