This process can be used when the club has decided NOT to collect particular payments from a member invoiced on a scheduled payment plan i.e. the member's membership may be put on 'hold' for a period of time. In this scenario the payment instalments are to be deleted from the members invoice and a credit invoice created.

Important: scheduled Ezdidebit payments cannot be deleted, or an invoice edited, until these payments have been reconciled (pending payments appear in green font)

Quick Process

  • Search for the member, select their Account tab
  • Select the invoice that has the Payment Plan applied
  • Select the Payment Plan edit tool located on the payment to be deleted
  • The payment window will open, select Delete
    • Repeat for any other payments to be deleted
  • Note: deleting the payments will not change the invoice unpaid balance therefore, a credit invoice for the payments you will not be collecting is to be created
  • Select the credit invoice icon (top right of screen)
  • Adjust the amount on the credit invoice to match the combined deleted payments, select Create
  • The recalculate payment plan window will open, select All
  • The Member's unpaid balance invoice will now be updated