The following process can be used by clubs using the MiClub to SwiftPOS timesheet integration. This process is specifically designed for green fee bookings which have been pre-paid through the MiClub online bookings portal.

Select the bookings which are to be checked in and sent to POS. Now select the 'Check-In' option (NOTE: A pre-paid green fee should appear on the timesheet with a green dollar sign on the booking).

Using the 'Check In' option will automatically check the player in which is indicated by the blue tick icon which will appear on the booking. Additionally, the administrator will be taken to the Check In interface where they can select 'Send to POS' to send the transaction to SwiftPOS.

Once the transaction is successfully sent the page will re-load and the administrator will be taken back to the timesheet with the booking that was sent to POS now having a blue tick on it and the cell being shaded blue.

The transaction should no be available on the SwiftPOS POS terminal. Select the transaction and add any additional purchases made by the customer. When closing out the transaction ensure that the value of the pre-paid green fee is assigned to the 'Pre-Paid Green Fee' media type (NOTE: The pre-paid media type name may differ from club to club. Examples include 'Online Payments' and 'Pre-Paid Bookings').